Small wind turbines for housing will be offered in the store

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Skystream 3.7 made by Southwest Windpower is a small personal wind turbine designed for installation in the housing will be offered at Home Depot. Turbines will be priced around $ 20,000 including installation and a turbine-monitoring software.

Skystream wind turbine can generates electricity upto 400 kilowatt-hours per month at about 12 miles per hour wind speed and its rated at 2.4 kilowatts. The company also will provide up to 5-year warranty and the opportunity to be able to get 30 percent federal tax credit.

Skystream small wind turbine will be offered first in areas that there are a lot of wind like in California, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. The company will also provide a Skyview software to track the performance of the wind turbine in real time as well as provides information on local wind conditions, wind turbine performance monitoring, cumulative data, and analysis of the carbon footprint.

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