Biodiesel from food waste will soon available across UK

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A green fuel firm,Greenergy which collaboration with Brocklesby Ltd developed a way to recover residual oil from food waste found in pasties, pies, crisps, etc. which will extracted and mixed with diesel to create biodiesel. The production of biodiesel will soon be on sale at all fuel stations in the UK.

The Greenergy can produces 10 billion litres of biodiesel and diesel annually. The company will invest £ 50 million to take advantage of waste oil snacks that are usually only going to landfills. Besides favorable for biodiesel, the company also will reduce the amount of waste.

Greenergy which has production facility in Immingham, Lincolnshire, planned to be capable of processing up to 30 percent of used oil from some processed foods. The company also will utilize more of solid food waste to biodiesel using anaerobic digestion, which its also plans to create a solid biomass fuel pellets (briquettes), or bio-ethanol to fuel cars using waste.

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