Italy will add 7 GW of solar power on the grid next month

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Italy as the world's second biggest solar market in 2010 will add 7,000 MW of its solar capacity by June this year. The addition of solar capacity of 2,300 MW in 2010 will be a new record for the biggest production in the middle of this year.

Government incentives for solar power will soon be over in June. The government hopes more people to make use of solar power system for their electricity need, so more solar capacity could be produced naturally in the coming months.

Italy government's decree last year has approved the extension of generous incentives to the projects connected to the grid until the end of June 2011. The termination of the program aims to ease the burden on consumers who pay incentives for solar program in their electricity bills.

In the last year, about 200 MW of 4,000 MW turned operative in December 2010 and its expected about 3,000 MW of solar capacity will be connected in the end of Juni 2011.

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