Purdue's solar car managed to reach 2,200 mpg

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The Purdue Solar Racing team's with its solar-powered urban commuter car has managed to achieved 2,200 miles per gallon and 64.5 miles per kilowatt hour in the competition held in Houston titled 2011 Shell Eco Marathon international competition. The Celeritas prototype has demonstrated its ability to travel long distances using solar-powered vehicle.

The Celeritas prototype support for full-sized upright driver seated has won the first position in the urban-concept design category for most miles-per-gallon equivalency. The team which drawn from an array of undergraduate programs have spent $90,000 for prototype and has taken a year to design and one year to assemble it.

The Purdue solar car also equipped with headlights, taillights, a trunk, energy regenerative braking, pothole-handling suspension and rear view backup cameras. The car also has five onboard computer systems, which much electricity generated by the system will result in an overloaded onboard batteries.

The manufacture of this electric vehicles are getting funds from corporations and several Purdue schools and colleges. The get a street-legal experimental vehicle,the car is has a VIN number and license plate.

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