Aerostat wind turbines to harvest wind energy above 2,000 feet

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The Aerostat by Altaeros Energy Inc. is a wind turbine placed at an altitude of 2,000 feet above the ground where the wind strong and consistent to harvest wind energy into electricity. In addition to cost savings, Aerostat also claimed could produce two to five times the power produced compared with traditional turbine at the same size, or proportional to the turbine mounted on towers 350 feet tall. This will really cut the expensive cost to build a high tower construction and use only the cables in place of the tower.

Altaeros based in East Cambridge, is a company founded by graduates of MIT have been custom-made a cylindrical airship, the blimp, technically become aerostat, which was tethered to the ground, rather than free-flying. Aerostat hold wind turbine in its hollow center and generate electricity which channeled through a thick mooring cable to the ground station.

For safety, the balloon will drift to the ground, the automatic design let the helium escape in case the tether rips. Turbine also should far from the airport or fly above 2,000 feet and it has the sign lights at night.

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