Portable and Retractable Solar Panels to Generate 40 W Energy

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A solar panel device that simple and easy to carry anywhere other than to provide electrical energy needs. Solar Mobile Unit GSR-110B made ​​by a Japanese company OS Co. Ltd. is a unit of retractable solar panels that very useful for emergency power needs during a disaster etc.

Solar Mobile Unit GSR-110B offers an easy way to provide large enough electrical energy needs because each unit can be combined to produce greater energy. One unit of the device only has 3 kg weight which contains a sheet of solar panels and a battery mounted inside.

The total power generated by a unit of this device is 40 W which is a combination of 16W from solar sheet and 24W from built-in battery. If you need to use 80 W power, just combine two units of the device which each unit equipped with a 12V socket.

Solar Mobile Unit GSR-110B uses a sheet of amorphous photovoltaic generation which lightweight and flexible to support the durability and ease of scrolling. The device costs $ 725 has a mechanism like a projector screen that can be pulled out and drawn in again.

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