PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Charger

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Exhibited at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, PowerTrekk Fuel Cell charger is a solution to your gadget chargers other than the use of solar charger that requires a steady sunshine. This pocket-sized device uses water and hydrogen to generate power to charge your mobile phone in addition to charge the internal battery pack.

While it is already widely available solar chargers but it should require constant sunshine which is not always available in all places. PowerTrekk uses disposable fuel cell packs. Electrical energy produced from water that split into hydrogen that will through the fuel cells to produce energy. The device has a USB connection for charging gadgets with USB-connected devices.

PowerTrekk will be very useful to always carry in your journey where you will need resources for your gadgets. When hiking in remote areas far from any power or when power outages at home. About price and availability of the device there is no further information.

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