NASA Airborne Wind Turbines to Harvest Wind Energy in the Air

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NASA is currently undertaking a project to be able to harvest wind energy in the air using Airborne wind turbines that have a higher speed so it can produce more electrical energy. Power of the above will be returned to the earth via nanotube tether cables.

Research funded by the federal government will investigate how the fly wind farm will work, and how tethered turbines will affect airspace. This can be arranged by way of providing safe fly zone and choose a strategic place that does not disturb the air flights and pollution. In addition, two-mile no-fly should also be applied to avoid problems for aircraft and unmanned future

According to Mark Moore, a NASA aerospace engineer, At an altitude of 2,000 feet above the ground, will allow us to be able to produce electricity between eight and 27 times. Airborne wind turbine will spin faster at an altitude of more. Air wind farms will be able to remain high for a year and can easily be reeled in during the storm.

Further, Moore also said that the project will also involve many factors such as technology, geography, competition for airspace, so the federal government should have a larger role.

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