Thanet offshore Windfarm as the World's Largest

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Supported by 100 offshore wind turbines built by the Swedish company Vattenfall, make Thanet offshore windfarm into one of the largest in the world that can produce electricity to 200,000 homes in England (300 megawatt) for a period of 2 years at the height of its energy production.

Offshore wind turbines are designed in such a way so it does not interfere with boat trip passing underneath. Turbine blade mounted above the height 65 meters above sea level with a post attached to each turbine and buried 80 meters under water. The distance of each turbine with others as far as 1600 feet with 22 square miles of land area.

Although the development of this site took more than 2 years, but the benefits are expected at least until the next 25 years. Furthermore, this project will also plan to build about 340 units more offshore turbines for the next 4 years.

According to the UK Minister of Energy and Climate Change,Chris Huhne, about 5GW of energy has been generated from onshore and offshore wind and sufficient for the needs of electrical energy to all homes in Scotland.

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