Missouri Wind Farm Generate 146 MW for 33,000 Homes

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Missouri Wind farm occupying 14,000 acres in Atchison County,Central U.S which involving 73 turbines to generate 146 megawatts green energy. Built by Iberdrola Renewables, the wind farm is good cooperation with the farmers to meet local electricity needs.

Current countries in the world especially the U.S. is working hard to switch to alternative energy to substitute fossil fuels especially after the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The Wind farm development is expected to reduce the impacts of ecosystem damage from fossil fuels by using environmentally friendly renewable energy.

Missouri Wind farm is friendly stand side by side with agricultural land in Atchison County without having to disrupt the activities of the farmers. In addition, the farmers also have benefited from land leases for the project without significantly reducing farm. The project’s carbon footprint takes up only 1% of the land and Its has stimulated economic growth for the county.

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