Kite Wind Turbines as a Reliable Wind Turbine

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The utilization of wind energy for a green clean energy using wind turbines continue to develop better with a variety of turbine design. Joby Energy is testing their prototype of airborne wind turbines that expected to generate up to 800 terawatts.

The high altitude wind turbines is look like an airplane, sans cockpit which equipped by a system to able generate 30KW of renewable electrical power. The turbine consist of a turbine array that lift the structure into the air vertically, When its deployed, the system moves in a giant circular motion to maximize exposure to cross-winds. The electrical energy produced will be transmitted back via the tether to the power substation and then transferred through a grid.

As a new system which is claimed by the company as an efficient and reliable systems because of its ability to generates power onboard and transmits electricity as opposed to mechanical energy. The trial will be continued to generate more electrical energy such as 100KW.

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