90 percent Energy Saving Air Conditioner

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A combination of technologies in filters, cooling and drying agent in order to save electric energy up to 90 percent on your home cooling system is being developed by The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in US Department of Energy's.

The Desiccant-Enhanced eVaporative air conditioner (DEVap) is a way to save energy that has never been done all this time to revolutionize the cooling, while removing millions of metric tons of carbon from the air. The device consisting of membranes, evaporative cooling and liquid desiccants claimed could cut about 50 to 90 percent of your monthly costs for air conditioning.

DEVap uses liquid desiccants to remove humidity from the air that has been cooled down and its integrated evaporative component and desiccant drying process offer improved dehumidification and, thus lower costs and much lower energy usage.

Evaporative cooling can be used as an alternative lower-cost A / C in a dry climate that is not too hot or humid.Its also has salt solutions rather than any harmful refrigerants such as CFC or HCFC. While the technology is still being developed for a few years until a later date will be issued a license for the industry.

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Juliette Paul said...

Thanks for sharing, it really helpful for business. It is one of the latest technology in place for you to be able to watch the entire season from anywhere on the planet.

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