Wind Power to Create Nutrient-Rich Compost 10 times Faster

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The KinetiCompost is an ecofriendly composter utilize wind energy to drive a small windmill which will be used to rotate compostable materials in the rotomolded barrel for composting process.

KinetiCompost by Benjamin Andrew Bangser made of durable recycled plastic and steel. Its consist of a small windmill, a gear box (the same that existed at the power drill), and rotomolded compost barrel which has internal ribbing to helps turns the compost. The gear box has 200:1 gear ratio which 200 rotations of the windmill is one full rotation of compost barrel, so the light breeze still can turn the compost and allows to create nutrient-rich compost in just 10 days.

You will only enter compostable materials into rotomolded compost barrel then pop on the lid, and let the wind do it for us to faster create nutrient-rich compost. Now you can create a healthy garden without having to turning your compost every few days, KinetiCompost will do it for us faster and energy efficient because it uses natural energy sources.

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