Algae Powered Latro Lamps

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Algae photosynthesis process that can produce small electrical currents have been translated by Mike Thompson to turn on his work of Latro hanging lamp and storing electrical energy generated in an onboard battery.

In fact this technology is a development of technology that has been developed by scientists at Yonsei University and Stanford University. The research has revealed that we can take a bit of electric current from chloroplasts of algal cells.

Latro lamp designed in the form of jar-shaped which involving algae living, sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to provide illumination. The CO2 can be obtained from our breath through the handle of the lamp. The water is used as a place to live algae and sunlight needed for photosynthesis process.

Algae has been widely mentioned as an alternative super fuel with high concentration of lipid oils
which could be an alternative environmentally friendly fuel to substitute fossil fuels that produce high carbon footprint. Latro lamp has added the benefits of algae as producers of electricity that can be exploited for human needs.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to make one of these for myself! Are instructions available?

Srikanto Bormon said...

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