Remote control helicopter remote only with your hands using a Kinect

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Microsoft is a giant computer company that throughout its history has been quite controversial, are their products good or bad? Surely there is no definitive answer to that question that satisfies everyone, but what is certain is that one of the best inventions to come out of their labs recently is Kinect, the sensor can detect you visually and recognizing the gestures you make in air.

The last application for Kinect is a remote control mini-helicopter that does not use traditional knobs or drivers. You just have to move your hands in the air to give instructions and get it to rise or move from side to side. The system is capable of detecting movements of hands, head and hips and turn them into three-dimensional movements in the air.

The future of toys? It seems in the near future you will see a number of devices around you that are managed in this way. Just imagine changing channels on the TV, turn on or turn off the oven, open the garage door ... or manage 'alter egos remote robotic repeat your movements. So far the geek side of the matter is the fun of making you feel 'using The Force' to levitate objects in the air.

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Sid said...

Chet Doughty of the KitsapMaker Community, has harnessed the silicon brains of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 to control an RC helicopter using gestures. Toss the clumsy controller that came with your RC helicopter and use intuitive body movements instead. This is really the amazing technology.


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