Buy Chevy Volt with Solar Energy

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Bob Stonerock, a retired nephrologist  says he used the $ 5,600 dollars which has done over the past two years from the sale of solar electricity to the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) for the payment of his red 2012 Chevy Volt.

The Chevrolet Volt is an extended-range electric vehicle that can run during the first 40 miles on electricity alone before starting its gasoline engine. The plug-in hybrid will sell for $ 41,000 and is available with a lease for $ 350 per month. Stonerock's Volt cost $ 46,000.

That sounds impressive, but before you put solar panels on your roof to justify splurging on a new car, keep in mind that Stonerock scenario is unique, and the economy probably will not be the same for the owner of a typical house.

Years ago, the Florida resident installed a 20.8 KW photovoltaic system, forming a tower of power of 33 by 33 feet. The elaborate system cost $ 170,000. Most homeowners opt for smaller systems 4kw.

However, the solar installation Stonerock gives energy to your home for all of your average monthly consumption of electricity of 2,400 killowatts time, and also charge your Volt free. The rest is sold back to the OUC, and at the end of the year the power company gives you a check for your winnings.

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