Fuel cell MacBooks

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Fuel cells may be the next big thing for laptop batteries. Apple is exploring this possibility reveals a patent application.

Two Apple patent applications published by the U. S. patent office show that the company is interested in fuel cells - the titles of the applications are "fuel cell system to power a laptop" and "fuel cell system coupled to a portable computing device. "

Apple Insider indicates that the company's insider information, "advocates the use of fuel cells to power portable electronic devices, as partners in hydrogen and fuel could allow these devices to operate" for days or even weeks without refueling. But the company also notes that there are challenges in creating systems for hydrogen fuel cells that are portable and low cost. "

Not only that, but getting people to carry their laptops to change the fuel cell instead of connecting to a wall can be a challenge. It may not be ready for fuel cells for some time as consumers, and that technology is years away. Still, it's an interesting idea for the use of renewable alternative energy.

"As a result of consumer awareness, manufacturers of consumer electronics are very interested in renewable energy sources for their products, and they have been exploring a number of promising renewable energy sources such as hydrogen fuel is used in hydrogen fuel cells. "

However, if our network continues to use energy more and more renewable energy like solar and wind power, then connect to a wall will be smaller and less polluting. Choosing a fuel cell instead focuses on whether laptops actually smaller, lighter and has a battery that lasts longer than any other battery.

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