Endesa Solar powered Stirling Engine

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The company Endesa has developed a new technology in order to make solar energy more cost effective and soon it will be more viable than oil and other fossil fuels.

This new technology they call "Stirling disks" that are about solar concentrators that have a high reflectivity, a solar receiver and a cavity Stirling engine.

The system increases the energy efficiency of solar parks. Endesa is now about to launch the new solar flares Solardis project, which a budget of 1.7 million. The project will test this new technology to see it now from a commercial point. The park will be built in Seville, a property company.

The new technology is similar to a thermodynamic cycle as a car engine, more heat is conducted through large satellite dishes that reflect and concentrate sunlight on the Stirling engine. The engine produces mechanical energy (without burning any fuel) and an alternator transform it into clean electricity.

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