Aptera comes to an end without any car has been delivered

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aptera electic car
The Aptera 2e was a bold proposal to save fuel and even electricity. The strange electric car with futuristic look and weight of just 380kg is history.

The Aptera closed its doors for lack of money. The California company founded in 2007 failed to overcome the financial obstacles to sell its unique electric car, which had initial aid of $ 2.75 million in part funded by Google.

With a project born of a garage (like many innovations and fortunes in the U.S.), the Aptera 2e promised for a pre-global crisis and would have worked had it not been postponed its entry into the market.

Technical difficulties were added the lack of money, and the declared purpose came in the middle of this year, when the company lost a U.S. $ 150 million from the U.S. Department of Energy. The reason was the lack of financial strength.

Dragging up until now, Aptera declared bankruptcy and closed its doors without delivering a single copy of 2e. This will now be one of many projects of eco-cars that have been lost in time ... At least he sprang to fame in a film series, Star Trek.

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