Power Hamburg birthday gets 50,000 consumers

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Two years have passed since the Hamburg Senate established a new electricity provider in the city: Hamburg energy gets 50,000 customers for the second birthday.

Hamburg. "To promote the green energy and to break the dominance of Vattenfall", which was two years ago, the stated goals of the former, nor black-green coalition in Hamburg. Virtually a declaration of war.

For this purpose they created the "Hamburg energy." A new energy provider, which should finally provide a one hundred percent organic alternative for the green conscience of consumers in the city and surrounding areas.

And then came Fukushima

50,000 customers have gained power since the founding of Hamburg. Many were added after the meltdown in Fukushima. At one time the price was less important and the conscience had to be calmed with green electricity.

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By 2015, it now wants to become the number two of the utilities in Hamburg. There is currently still bright spot, up to date with 80,000 customers. By 2013, the mark of 100,000 customers have been cracked. Unless the plan.

By the end you want now, mathematically, to supply approximately 10,000 customers from its own plants with green energy. By 2013, plans to Hamburg energy to produce half its electricity itself.

Until then, however, still need some wind turbines to be planted.

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