Disaster has made the Japanese more smart to make home powered battery

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nissan smart home,home powered battery
Nissan with it's NSH-2012 Smart Home is one of the participants in electronic trade show held in Tokyo called CEATEC 2011 aimed at finding solutions for efficient energy use. The Japan's energy supplies are increasingly limited after catastrophic earthquake, tsunami and nuclear case hit Japanese.

The NSH-2012 Smart Home is a great concept of energy-efficient without the need electricity supply from the grid while saving space. The technology is a Smart Community Zero zone that meet its own energy needs. The house built in the style of home on stilts to allow the use of empty space under the house for other needs such as for parking areas. In addition to using home solar panels, it's also equipped with fuel cells and a leaf battery system which similar used on Nissan Leaf car. The polyhedral structure allows the home to draw electric energy from the battery. This system is also known as V2H (Vehicle to Home). Batteries can reliably be used up to 2 days so it could be an alternative energy supply emergency in the event of a disaster.

Various energy facility which is owned by NSH-2012 Smart House is a perfect combination of supplying energy to a home unit that is suitable for areas prone to disasters such as Japan. Supply of energy will not depend by the power from the grid and is not affected by cloudy weather or even the weather is less friendly since the system will work alternately according to the needs and circumstances that support the device.

Nissan Smart Home also equipped with a next-generation mobile communications system that allows occupants to intelligently know how much energy is used by each device. This allows you to be prudent in the use of electrical energy so that it can be a smart save on your monthly expenses

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