Morocco launches Energy Change

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Morocco want relies on wind and solar power to reduce energy imports and create jobs. With the world's largest solar power plant, the country's leading position in North Africa.

In the Kingdom of Morocco, there are plenty of sun and endless desert landscapes. These two factors have a great potential for the use of solar energy. The King Mohamed VI. personally launched Solar Plan which it is very ambitious plans for Morocco in North Africa. By 2020 solar power plants are built with a capacity of 2,000 megawatts (MW) and then cover about 14 percent of electricity needs. Also on electricity exports to Europe is expected. In addition, new large wind farms are planned. By 2020, 42 percent of electricity comes from renewable energy, and therefore the cost of energy imports to Morocco $ 500 million annually to be lowered.

Solar energy becomes popular

In the desert state of solar plants for electricity and hot water supply can be seen more often, both in cities and in rural areas. For over 20 years the sun will promote use of state solar programs. "It seems that the initial skepticism about solar energy overcome," Zahra Ettaik told Deutsche Welle. The Director of Renewable Energies in the Moroccan Ministry of Energy feels a change of mood.. "While the program 'electricity for rural areas' rejected the people three years ago solar power installations you did not want to photovoltaic systems, but wanted to be connected primarily to the power grid This attitude has changed. " Meanwhile, the Energy Department gets daily calls from several people from the villages. You want to install photovoltaic systems and would like to more information.

With pioneering large-scale solar power plants

In addition to the local solar grants Morocco is now on the big solar business. Nine billion euros trying to mobilize the Moroccan government in Rabat for their solar plan. To meet the growing energy hunger of the 32 million citizens, the world's largest solar power plants are planned at five locations. A similar pilot plant is already in Beni Mathar, on the Algerian border. It was in May 2010 and inaugurated by King Mohammed VI. dedicated and has a capacity of 20 MW.

For comparison: Currently, the world's three largest solar thermal power plants in Southern Spain and have a 50 MW. With the building south of Rabat in Morocco Quarzatate should begin with the next summer, the government relies on a new dimension: 500 MW solar power plant will produce, equal to ten times more power than the previous solar giants. This corresponds to the performance of a large coal-fired power plant. 2015 it will be ready. In subsequent years, the Moroccan government wants to bring over a period of four years, every year another solar power plant with the same capacity to the grid.

Not everything is rosy

While primarily large companies benefit from the break into the solar age, there is disillusionment among many craftsmen. Karim Hamza installed for four years with his small company in Rabat solar systems and shows its dissatisfaction: ".. It takes an eternity until we can assemble a product or sell the Moroccans are not yet convinced of the efficiency and the importance of solar energy" Karim wants from the government for more support for individuals and the media raises a lack of reporting on this topic.

Christophe Couderc, head of the French company based in Marrakech ITRI Environnement sees also the policy of duty. But the consciousness of people in Morocco assessed with respect to the solar energy differently. The company plans to use its twelve employees, especially in Morocco solar projects: "There is interest in solar energy, especially for photovoltaics."

Growth and new jobs

With state support Morocco's Ministry of Energy in the private market is also trying to bring more momentum. Steps should be encouraged banks to offer loans for the purchase of solar systems. The tariffs on the import of solar products have already been reduced to the lowest percentage. Driving force behind the ambitious solar project is not only an independent and affordable energy supply. Morocco wants to expand its solar leadership in North Africa and hopes to more growth and new jobs.

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This is really great! i commend the one who have initiated this action! The usage of alternative energy is really a good idea!

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