Italian research the answer for more efficient wind turbines

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On the final day of Eolica Mediterranean Expo 2011 at the Fiera at Roma, the protagonists of Italian scientific research have presented a series of solutions to improve the efficiency of wind turbines and wind parks. More weapon to overcome the uncertainty surrounding the field, opened by the introduction of Robin Hood Tax, and the delay in defining the new system of incentives.

The last day showcasing the excellence of Italian research, global player in the development of new technologies to improve the efficiency of generators and wind farms. In a conference on the subject, Frassine Roberto, a professor at Milan Polytechnic and president of Assocompositi, explained how the introduction of new composite materials will allow wind turbines to produce larger and lighter, and therefore more efficient. "In this context, Italy is at the forefront"  Ash has said - with many research centers of excellence. In particular, in the wind sector, is beginning to suggest the use of carbon fiber instead of fiberglass blades to make large, up to 100 meters long, for the next generation of turbines from 10 MW and beyond. A demonstration of building techniques adopted was staged at the Fiera di Roma Hall 6, booth Assocompositi, where in three days of the fair was built a small wind turbine in composite materials. Also from the Polytechnic of Milan, Department of Energy Aerospace, comes the announcement of a new technology that allows you to create scale models in wind tunnels to test the performance of large wind turbines.

The system is under development for over two years - explains Alessandro Croce Politecnico di Milano - and has been developed by our department in collaboration with the manufacturer Vestas. We have overcome the technical difficulties to scale models to give exactly the same mass and aerodynamic characteristics of large wind turbines and recently we have started wind tunnel testing in Milan also evaluating the behavior of offshore turbines. To study in the wind tunnel wind turbines will not only design them better, but to test the stated limit dangerous situations all year and also to assess interference and turbulence in a wind farm turbines are established between the various and reduce the generation of electricity.

These fundamental studies that can also be backed by sophisticated systems of data collection and interpretation of production and operation - Matthias finally suggested Boccolini, GL-Garrad Hassan, the group specialized in analyzing and advising on wind farms - . According to figures we have, in fact, all wind power plants in the world, in 2010, had losses of earnings to 500 million euros due to inefficiencies. Improving efficiency can mean, for example, to an Italian company with approximately 180 MW of installed wind power, increased revenues by approximately 450 000 per year. A basic scenario in which wind energy incentives tend to shrink more and more ". Increased efficiency of technology is a crucial step to overcome certain situations that, at this moment, are likely to hinder the development of wind energy in Italy, from the Robin Hood Tax, introduced by the new budget law also in the production of energy .

An injury to the wind industry, but also for the same state finances, is the comment given in unison by several companies that produce electricity from wind in Italy. To get an idea of ​​the damage - said Luigi De Simone Icq Holding, a company which produces and controls wind farms in all regions of the South Centre - think that the day following the introduction of new taxes, the Italian companies in the industry Stock Exchange have lost less than 5 billion in market capitalization. Of these, 1.6 billion have well-regarded companies controlled directly by the State, with a loss to the Treasury, which probably exceeds the benefits of the same measure.

But the problem for companies in the sector is not only to pay a new tax. The worst thing - said Conrad Bacchus Edens - Edison Energie Speciali - is that there are still the decrees of the Legislative Decree 28/2011, which in March had changed the whole scenario of renewable energy in Italy, including wind power. The rule states that from 2013 will end the current incentive system, based on green certificates, but does not define clearly what will be replaced.

"We also know that the licenses for wind power will be allocated by auction to a mechanism, but is not yet clear how it will be structured. Companies like ours who plan long-term investment, can not work in this situation of uncertainty". To all this, plus the incredible fragmentation legislation - adds Antonio Cammisecra Enel Green Power - which poses different operational scenarios, not only from region to region, but even at the level of the municipal area. And then there are delays in permits: later this year will bring us finally to conclude the process for a wind farm that we started in 2001: 10 years to get an ok from the authorities. The real risk - Charles ends of Primate of Italy International Power, Suez-GDF group companies - is that groups operating in Italy in wind will turn elsewhere, and abandon Italy to target their investments elsewhere.

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