Engen city close to green energy market

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The city of Engen wants to position itself in the production of renewable energy at an early stage well. That was the motto at the town hall meeting with about 60 interested listeners tightness.

About the city works Engen is not only the captive to one hundred percent as possible in the future be secured by green energy. Will also increasingly be projected on the market for generating renewable energy from the city early works set the stage for that gene is also a supplier for other cities and towns.

The Mayor John Moser made it clear at the town meeting. "2020 Act by virtue of all German nuclear power plants are shut down. Until then, it is to produce as much renewable energy itself, "said Moser. Have reached very close by town of innovative works in the field of ecological energy production good conditions, not only has high self-sufficiency. "The aim must be to export this energy," said Moser.

A main topic was the possibility of generating electricity using wind power to Engener district. This case is already in the land use plan, two proven wind sites on Stettener height and on the boundary of the district Biesendorf. After a closed meeting in the council have decided to give planning commission, what opportunities there are for the generation of wind power on Engener district, said Moser. Especially renewable energy is exhausted in the areas of biogas already as it is in Hegau in Engen and give some farmers who are active in this area. The city wanted to work with the solar panels to add more after they had already created several installations on public buildings.

In the regenerative heat recovery, which is suitable for solar power only, utilities manager Hubert Gnant sees limits, however. The demand is always limited by better-insulated houses much.

Very expensive and tedious preliminary procedures could slow the production of wind power to Gnant was rather skeptical. "The move cost efficient wind turbines located between three and four million euros," he said. Alone, this high amount frighten off potential investors. Partners would be required for participation as citizens. "The fact that wind turbines economically and therefore also for lucrative investments are citizens is a prerequisite for ensuring that such will be built by us," said Mayor John Moser clear. "Equally it is clear to us: If the very expensive preliminary investigations revealed that wind farms are profitable, have to be created."

A list of measures, according to city utility manager Hubert Gnant serve that now for over 20 percent share of lying in-house production of renewable energy sources will continue to train increased by train. In addition to the site evaluation of wind turbines, he cited the establishment of additional solar systems, the development of concepts fürNahwärme networks in the northern parts of the city without gas, the use of heat from the biogas plant Längenriederhof in the school the center of Engen in connection with boilers and consider further options for the use of biogas plants . In addition, the possibility should be examined to build a wood heating plant in districts with natural gas, such as Ansel fingers.

In the lively discussion, there were proponents of wind power, especially for the production of biogas energy will be wasted itself, as required by the large shipments of raw materials, as a citizen meant. Another suggested that the town of Engen in the designation of new areas of collaborative projects on renewable energies, such as to promote such as central solar systems.

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