eCarTec 2011: Spanish Energy Institute presents itself

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With the ITE, the Energy Institute of Valencia, a prestigious international research and service institution presented in the Spanish pavilion at the eCarTec of 18-20. October 2011 in Munich. As part of the 7th EU Research Framework Programme is the ITE coordinator for projects such SOMABAT to design novel materials for high-power lithium-polymer batteries or SMARTV2G to develop intelligent grid connection of electric vehicles.

The Energy Institute of Valencia is the "Spanish Pavilion at the eCarTec show the entire spectrum of its applied research in materials development and material testing and certification. The international ITE has made, including through contract research a name. Another field is the EU-wide technical supervision and certification of electrical products and materials.

The ITE is engaged in the field of applied chemistry with the material development in the energy storage area. These include fuel cells and Elektroliseure, supercapacitors and advanced lithium batteries (Li-Ion, Li-Polymer, Li-air, etc.). Other areas include the development of nano-carbon materials for energy storage, for example as an application for membrane separators and electrodes.

For more information: eCarTec 2011 Special Topic

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