Break down the prices of photovoltaic solar panels, always closer to the grid parity

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With "grid parity" means the time when the price of one kWh produced by photovoltaic panels (and / or other renewable sources) will fall below the cost of that produced by traditional sources: nuclear, oil, coal (yes, in 2011 there are still coal fired power plants). Already during 2009 and 2010 the prices of solar panels had suffered a sharp decline, as seen in this graph, due to the introduction of new technologies and improvement of old:

Now, in September 2011, the prices of photovoltaic panels, for which there is a sort of "bag", hovering around the psychological threshold of 1.00 euros for W, and some Chinese manufacturers have already fallen below this threshold as could be verified in person by the undersigned at the show ZeroEmissionRome 2011, just ended in Rome today you can buy from a Chinese firm, with stores in Caserta, to 0.90 euros per panels fotvoltaici watts excluding VAT; it comes naturally loose panels, without everything you need to mount on a roof to connect the network, but the general view offered by the fair appeared very optimistic, as shown in more detail in these pages.

This site is not possible to see the trend of prices of these panels over the past year, these data are also presented in graphical form in the following figure.

This means that if this trend were to continue, already next year could become realistically possible to install a 1.5 kW home without having to resort to multi-year mortgages, but with a simple initial investment of 2 or 3000 euros, which can be easily recovered, including money saved in electricity bills and reimbursements from the Energy Account, within 3 or 4 years instead of 8-10 as was required last year alone

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