Hybrid flying cars may be coming soon on the highway

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In addition a flying car,the Model 367 BiPod use hybrid power from twin 450cc engines and 15KW electric motors. The hybrid flying car was designed to be able to fly up to 530 miles distance and 820 miles when driven on the road on a fuel tank and 35 miles using electric power alone.

Made by Burt Rutan, an aviation expert and the founder of Scaled Composites company, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of aircraft using composite structures. Model 367 BiPod consists of two pods, left and right pods which each pod will has each its own function. The right pod to driving on the flying mode while the left pod to driving on the highway.

With two-seat, the hybrid vehicle has a 31 foot wingspan that can be stored in the body of the vehicle when not in use. Flying trials in the Mojave Desert using the vehicles which not yet equipped with propellers in the nosecone and rear stabilizers has shown that the aircraft can fly a few feet above the runway.

When the BiPod has been made ​​perfect, its planned to fly at speeds up to 200 miles per hour. The mileage of aircraft could be improved when using a low power mode with a maximum speed of 100 mph. If it can be successful, it is not impossible if the flying cars will soon present on the highway around us. But about the road vehicles design, I think it still need an improvement, maybe we can replicate one of the transformer cars.

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