World's largest wind-blade testing site built in Boston

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Wind Technology Testing Center located at Autoport Boston, near Boston Harbor, a large facility like a hangar which will be capable of testing blades up to 90 meters long and has the capacity to test up to three blades simultaneously. Previously the U.S. had to send its commercial-scale wind turbine blades longer than 50 meters to Europe because of no testing facility available.

The establishment of site that funded by DOE, loan and grant money from the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust, has taken two years to complete. In cooperation with the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory in providing the facility with testing hardware and technical advice, The Wind Technology Test Center will test large wind turbine blade that may will be used in the coming year.

The site that will be operated by the Massachusetts Port Authority is located on the edge of the beach to ease receiving blades shipped by boat or truck. The sites will be very important for the U.S. wind industry in the development of their wind turbine technology.

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