Ionic-liquid hydrogen as green rocket fuel

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Stefan Schneider and his team at Air Force Research Laboratory, California, will use green rocket fuel made of rich ionic-liquid hydrogen that can produce the same propelling force but also emits less corrosive and toxic chemicals than conventional rocket propellants. Ionic liquids are salts that remain in liquid state at the room temperature, its good for green solvents because low vapor pressure and produce less toxic vapors.

The research aim to increase the concentration of hydrogen to produce clean and green bi propellant. The hydrogen ions with highly dense form can be made by combining an ionic liquid with aluminum borohydride to produce complex anions being stabilized by the aluminum cations. Its mean that the fuel will produce less toxic substances on burning due to higher density of hydrogen .

The second tests has shown that hypergolicity of the hydrogen rich ionic-liquid fuels with hydrogen peroxide as the oxidizing agent could be use as future green bipropellants. The team said that this ionic liquids is the pioneer in liquid bi propellants for better performance and emitting less hazardous chemicals.

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