Electrified roads to charge your electric car on the highway

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Researchers at Utah State University, have developed a new concept named "electrified roads" to allow for charging electric vehicle batteries as the car sped down the road. Technology will allow to transfer electrical energy from the electrical grids into the electric car battery wirelessly.

The researchers at the Energy Dynamics Laboratory will install the charging pads under the asphalt road and is connected to electrical grids. They will use the signal systems and capabilities for interactive that will allow the pads notified of an approaching vehicle.

Not only that, the charging pads also have started to be produced by the manufacturers. The charging pads are expected to be able to provide electrical energy for charging about 5 KW from a distance of about ten inches. An electric induction delivery that very fast in the system is a challenge for researchers, because the car will only make contact on the charging pads for a split second.

Meanwhile, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, in South Korea, has begun testing for electric roads to charge an electric car that runs on low speed.

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careca said...

Not a big deal!
I saw this in Hanover, Germany, in the 1999 Fair.
The main application was to feed and conduct robots and automatic cars in large factories.

jessica said...

First time I heard about the battery charging roads. If this experiment really works than people would enjoy free ride :)Nice work, Thumbs UP!
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