Wysips solar cell technology allows for any surface

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Wysips technology applied in a touch screen mobile phone that allows a harvest of solar energy exhibited by a French company at the exhibition CTIA 2011. Wysips film technology to create a wafer thin and flexible which a semi-cylindrical thin lenses can be passed by the light onto photovoltaic cell thin strips and the surface below it can be to show through.

The idea of ​​technology derived from the process of hologram used on the cover of the book, in which the image changes depending on viewpoint. This is similar to lenticular optics that sends a slightly different image to each eye to view glasses-free 3D . It also allows some of the surface potential to become self-sufficient power producer.

The micron-sized photovoltaic strips of flexible lenticular film were deposited. While it would appear transparent when viewed from certain angles, but the light hitting at just the right point in energy production both indoors and outside. A thin technology is only 0.1 to 0.5 mm thickness will has 10 percent efficient. The company also will expand the application of technology not only for the mobile phones but also for the LCD screen, digital tablet, outdoor displays,and technical textiles.

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