Aircraft use 50 % Biofuel Keep Good Performance

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After obtaining certification from the Air force on the use of jet fuel that is mixed with plant-based fuel, hydrotreated renewable jet fuel has been successful in tests on C-17 Globemaster III transport planes made by Boeing.

Hydrotreated renewable jet fuel mixture of 50 percent of biofuels and JP-8 jet fuel was the first work for the Air force plane without any symptoms of decline in the performance of aircraft for pilots. In addition, the fuel mixture of biofuels is also able to reduce the amount of sulfur compounds because it can be burned cleanly.

Air Force hopes the fuel mixture of biofuels can reduce the dependence on petroleum fuel use in military aircraft. It is also encouraging, with no modification systems and special handling. The use of alternative fuels for the military to be very significant because the purchasing power and fuel transportation security risk.

Meanwhile Gevo company specializing in biofuels and chemicals will develop biojet blendstock which is kerosene produced from butanol for the components of jet fuel. The company also reportedly will soon go public.

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Max Williams said...

Developing biojet blendstock is a good idea. Through this, flying green may soon become a reality.

-Aerospace test equipment | AvionTEq

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