The Tallest Building in New York will use Wind Power Fully

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Empire State Building that used to be the tallest building in the world will soon become more green buildings using wind power entirely to the building electrical needs. Renovation of millions of dollars in green building with 100% wind power will be conducted by the Texas-based Green Mountain Energy Company.

The contract will be implemented over two years and planned to produce 55 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy annually. The contract is also expected to be able to help prevent nearly 100 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

According to Green Mountain Energy Company, the production of CO2 will be reduced in size which is equivalent to every house in the state of New York to turn off their lights for a week, equivalent to planting almost 150,000 trees, it is more than six times the number in Central Park.

The building also will experience a variety of upgrades, additional insulation and hired the Serious Materials. According to Arah Schuur, the director of a conservation program at former president Bill Clinton's foundation, the building will be world's most recognizable energy retrofit building.

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Gina said...

That makes so much sense! Up there is where the wind is and this feature should be incorporated into all new constructions.


bob said...

I can not under stand why they have not put small turbines under the windows so to speak they can so easily be maintained the surface pressure area must be fantastic,these things must be able to be designed to run quiet and if one goes down its a minute amount of power of the whole,just thinking.

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