Utilizing Gadgets Waste Heat Energy to Power Them Again

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A waste heat energy harvesting devices made by Louisiana Tech University researcher has successfully created a new hope to continuously work our electronic gadgets without needing to recharge using the power house but use their own heat.

CNF-PZT cantilever which is a device consisting of carbon nanotubes films on the base of the material piezoelectric cantilever that will work by absorbing heat energy from heat or light. The heat will make the cantilever bending. Electric current will be generated from a piezoelectric material that moves with the cycles of bend.

CNF-PZT Cantilevers have difference in a very small size compared with the previous use of piezoelectric technology. The number of CNF-PZT Cantilevers which can reach thousands of small so it can be applied to the device to harvest their own energy wasted.

The results of the research have shown that the device can provide enough energy to operate some low-power microsensors and integrated sensors. This energy harvesting system is different to other energy harvesting systems because the system has a continuous energy production without having to depend on other sources of external energy.

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James said...

I have an Apple iPad 64GB wifi 3G in our then I would like to regarding to energy conservation cause I've charging my gadget does it gets more energy or not ?

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