Wind Lens Turbine to Generate 3 Times As Much Energy

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Winds lens turbine is an offshore wind turbine designed by professor Yuji Ohya from Kyushu University at Yokohama Renewable Energy International Exhibition 2010 in the mid of this year, which has conducted trials and it has said could generate electricity up to three times.

The wind lens designed to focus the power of the wind into the center of the circle like a magnifying glass that intensifies the light from the sun. The 112-meter diameter structures and hexagonal floating, also reducing noise pollution and concerned about security.

Turbine only has a few moving parts such as a hoop AKA a brimmed diffuser to increase wind power, and a rotated turbine by the wind that captured from the hoop. Each lens will be able to produce enough energy for a household.

Although the later possibility of this turbine will be applied in Japan, but for other countries may have to adjust the intensity and direction of wind conditions that are different from Japanese.

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