The New Sanyo Solar Cell Better Than Swiss Clock

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The new Sanyo Solar Cells has been claimed to be the highest cell conversion even more reliable than Swiss Clock. The Sanyo latest series of HIT-N240SE10 Solar Cells has a reliability rating of 99.9962 percent.

The new Sanyo solar cell is using European Components GmbH which can produce up to 21.6 percent of cell conversion. This will make more efficient units with greater energy generated.
But once again the product of inorganic solar cells always have a weakness if applied in a housing with a slightly broader. The high efficiency rating and reliability of this product will be restricted by the limited installation space. The ground breaking technology by Cambridge University and the Carbon Trust could be the answer to this problem with the products of organic solar cells.

Sanyo reliable product of HIT-N240SE10 Solar Cells is planned to be marketed in Europe in early 2011. Previously the highest efficiency rating of a commercial solar cell is also held by Sanyo with its HIT cell series.

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