Fujitsu Hybrid Generator Generate Energy from Light and Heat

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A Japanese laptop manufacturer Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd introduce a device to generate electrical energy harvested from light when there are good light conditions or heat energy when the amount of light is not enough.

Fujitsu hybrid generator made from organic materials was announced at 2010 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM 2010), an international conference on semiconductor manufacturing technology in San Francisco, USA. Fujitsu switching the wiring connections of the semiconductors to make this hybrid generator devices can work well as a PV cell and as a thermoelectric conversion device. Its uses N-type and p-type organic semiconductors.

The hybrid generator works to maximize the utilization of temperature differences so that can be raised an energy. It has two modes according to the conditions of light such as "photovoltaic mode" when there are abundant lights and "thermoelectric mode" when the light is not sufficient. Further application of this technology will be targeted for the use in the medical field such as to power medical sensors, etc.

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