Sterilizing Water is Only Two Minutes with UV Light

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A new way to use UV light to sterilize 99,9 percent bacteria and virus contaminated in water. Created by Timothy Whitehead the ‘Pure’ UV sterilization water bottle has won the UK heat of the James Dyson Award.

One of the advantages of this Pure bottle is no longer requiring the use of chlorine and iodine tablets to sterilize drinking water, thus this water sterilization process will not give an unpleasant taste. Pure is a small bottle like a bottle of drinking water consisting of an outer chamber and inner chamber to filtering water particles as small as four microns.

After dirty water filled into outer chamber of the bottle, the inner chamber plunges through the outer chamber and filtering water particles. After the water free from sediments, it is further sterilized for 90 seconds using a wind-up ultraviolet bulb. The whole process will only take two minutes. The Pure bottle has also been designed to be produced in greater numbers.

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EOW said...

PURE BOTTLE may be a nice product if you have electricity or some other way of producing strong UV light.
Something seldom find in the countries that are the main target for these kind of products.
A Swedish woman has marketed a smart solution that can provide potable water for a normal family. This is done only with the help of the sun, a source of UV-energy with an affordable price.

Stockholm 8/8 2010

Anonymous said...

This bottle does actually produce the UV light by winding it up manually, no electricity needed.
Hence the award winning concept..

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